Our People

The MA is a member-led charity overseen by National Officers and a Board of Trustees, supported by a small staff team.

National Officers

The National Officers provide leadership for the MA. The National Officers are the National Chair, two Deputy Chairs and the Honorary Treasurer.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees are responsible for the governance of the MA. They set the strategic plan and budget and are legally accountable for the MA’s activities. The Board consists of MA members who are still sitting as magistrates, elected by all the membership.

Policy Board

The Policy Board is a sub-committee of the Board of Trustees, responsible for final sign-off for all MA policy positions. Decisions at the Policy Board are made by a majority vote amongst all magistrate members.


Committees assist the staff team in developing MA policy and steer associated research, development and implementation. There are four committees: adult, family, youth and training (which also covers magistrates' learning and development) . Terms of references for each committee can be found here


We have 54 branches across England and Wales. These are run by and for MA members, and allow the organisation to operate effectively on a regional and local level.


Council is made up of representatives of each of our 54 branches across England and Wales as well as our Board and the chairs of our policy committees. Council meets twice a year and provides senior MA staff and members of the Board with branch perspectives on key issues. More information is available for members here.


The national office is staffed by a small, focused team of professionals with a wide range of experience, who are based in Central London.