The MA staff are based in St George Wharf, London

Meet our staff

The national office is staffed by a small, focused team of professionals with a wide range of experience, who are based at the MA premises in Central London. 

We provide our members with a collective voice, working with them to influence key decision-makers in Parliament and government to promote the sound administration of the law and the role of magistrates. We also provide free advice, support and guidance for all members; create community engagement opportunities through our Magistrates in the Community initiative; publish MAGISTRATE, the only magazine dedicated to the magistracy; and hold a number of events every year.


Chief Executive

As head of staff, Tom has overall responsibility for the management of the organisation and finances. He supports and reports to the Board of Trustees and provides assistance to the national officers.

Direct line: 020 7255 9003
Telephone (main switchboard): 020 7387 2353

Rajen Hindocha - Head of Finance

Head of Finance

As well as looking after the financial side of the Association, Rajen provides budgeting advice to the Treasurer and Chief Executive, a contract management function, and low-level IT support to all staff.

Direct line: 020 7255 9002
Telephone (main switchboard): 020 7387 2353


Melodie Hyams - Communications Officer

Editor of MAGISTRATE *

Melodie's main areas of responsibility are: MAGISTRATE magazine, MA website (members' section), MA corporate style and MA images.

Direct line: 020 7255 9008
Telephone (main switchboard): 020 7387 2353


Hattie Stair - Policy and Research Assistant

Policy & Research Officer

Hattie supports the work of the Adult Court Committee with research and development of MA policy.

Direct line: 020 7255 9005
Telephone (main switchboard): 020 7387 2353


Lisa Whitehead - Membership and Events Manager (Interim)

Membership, MIC & Events Manager

Lisa is responsible for membership and branch activities, ensuring effective member recruitment, retention, communication, engagement and services.

Direct line: 020 7255 9000
Telephone (main switchboard): 020 7387 2353


Celestine Woodham - Membership and Events Assistant

Membership & Events Assistant

Célestine provides all-round membership and administrative support.

Direct line: 020 7388 5558
Telephone (main switchboard): 020 7387 2353


Jude Zendle - Training & Development Officer

Training & Development Officer

Jude supports the work of the Training, Learning and Development Committee by researching, developing and implementing MA policies relating to all aspects of magistrates' training.

Direct line: 0207 387 6099
Telephone (main switchboard): 020 7387 2353