The MA's Youth Court Committee

Our Youth Court Committee is made up of experienced specialist magistrates dedicated to best practice

The MA supports its members who sit in the Youth Court in terms of training and guidance. We provide access to networking events and materials designed to inform our members, giving them the tools to do the job. The MA's Youth Court Committee leads on matters relating to the administration of youth justice.

The Committee developments and reviews the MA's policy relating to the Youth Court and is supported by our in-house policy and research team and a dedicated policy officer who provides research, advice and other support. 

Working with our members, the Committee enables the MA to make authoritative representations on policy to key stakeholders in Parliament and Government, adding to the collective voice of magistrates. 

Achievements of the Youth Court Committee

Achievements of the Youth Court Committee

  • An amendment to the Criminal Justice and Courts Bill which ensures grave crimes can now be tried in the Youth Court and then sent to the Crown Court for sentencing
  • The YCC gave written and oral evidence to the Carlile Inquiry and the APPG for Children Inquiry on ‘Children and the Police’ in both cases highlighting issues of concern to youth magistrates.
  • The YCC held an All Party Parliamentary Group in Parliament on Youth Justice, with Lord Carlile speaking, focussing on the Carlile Inquiry. This meeting raised the profile of MA views on the Inquiry.
  • The YCC holds regular meetings with Lord McNally, Chairman of the Youth Justice Board, to feed in youth court issues relevant to magistrates
  • The YCC sits on the Judicial Youth Justice Committee, chaired by Mr Justice Williams Davis and the Youth Court Issues Group where issues of concern to youth magistrates are raised.
  • The YCC undertook a survey of youth magistrates ensuring MA members views effect Sentencing Council sentencing guidelines for youth