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£3 million pilot to reduce young adults' reoffending

New pilot

29 March 2021
£3 million pilot to reduce young adults' reoffending

A £3 million centre to provide wraparound support for 18-25 year olds supervised by probation is being piloted by the Ministry of Justice and the Mayor for London’s Office for Policing and Crime.

The hub will begin as a pilot in July and run until March 2023. It is aimed at 18-25 year olds who have been assessed as having low levels of maturity and 17 year olds transitioning from the Youth Offending Service to adult probation.

National Probation Service staff will be present to support the young adults, and there will also be professionals providing support for mental health and substance misuse problems. This support is already available in the community, but the aim is that by providing one place where these services can be accessed under one roof, it allows for these complex issues to be tackled together at an earlier stage.

There will also be support for issues relating to accommodation, training and employment. Those who are released from prison without a home or job have an increased likelihood of reoffending, so it is hoped that this hub will offer the support to address these issues.

All staff will receive specific training in the brain development of young adults, so they can effectively treat and spot the root causes of offending behaviour.

The first hub is to be based in Newham, London.

An external evaluation will take place once the pilot has concluded to assess whether it was successful at reducing reoffending and improving outcomes for this cohort.

More information on the pilot can be found here.

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Great initiative - could have a real impact on offending rates.

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