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2020 Vision: 100 years of justice

The MA's first touring art exhibition!

16 January 2020
2020 Vision: 100 years of justice

The MA is 100 years old this year and to celebrate we are planning a touring art exhibition exploring the concept of justice, titled 2020 Vision: 100 years of justice. The exhibition will be based on 20 original artworks, commissioned from 20 diverse, contemporary artists and will travel to four cities: Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff and London.

The exhibition will be both a retrospective view of 100 years of the history of justice in the UK and a gaze into the future, underpinned by interactive workshops delivered by the artists, MIC presentations delivered by MA branches and talks from a range of experts drawn from government, academia and the third sector.

Back issues of MAGISTRATE magazine chart 100 years in justice and contain a living history of the life and times of England and Wales. This has served as the inspiration for our themes, which are:

  1. Rights of the child  
  2. Gender and the justice system
  3. The role of prison in society
  4. Ownership of information
  5. Race and criminal justice
  6. LGBTQIA+ rights 
  7. Freedom of expression  
  8. Freedom of association
  9. Victims’ rights
  10. The concept of justice

The project will comprise three parts:

  • The last 100 years: artwork by 10 artists, inspired by the themes above, exploring key developments of the last century.
  • The next 100 years: 10 artists showcasing their visions for the future of justice, inspired by the themes above.
  • The present: interactive, participatory workshops, talks and MIC presentations, delivered by artists, magistrates and experts from government and the third sector.

Tour dates for 2020 Vision: 100 years of justice




13-29 August


Creative Art Gallery at Hope Mill

3-19 September



24 September - 10 October


To be confirmed

15-24 October


D Contemporary

Look out for a more detailed article on our exhibition in the February-March 2020 issue of MAGISTRATE.

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