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2020 Vision website exhibition launched

New online exhibition

04 September 2020
2020 Vision website exhibition launched

We are excited to launch 2020 Vision: 100 years of justice, our groundbreaking online exhibition in celebration of the MA’s centenary. 

The MA centenary art exhibition explores the concept of justice. It comprises 20 original artworks, commissioned from 20 diverse, contemporary artists and is both a retrospective view of 100 years of the history of justice in the UK and a gaze into the future.

The 10 exhibition themes are topical issues around which both legislation and societal attitudes have evolved considerably in the last century, and might conceivably evolve even further.

These are: 

•    Rights of the child  
•    Gender and the justice system
•    The role of prison in society
•    Ownership of information
•    Race and criminal justice
•    LGBTQIA+ rights 
•    Freedom of expression  
•    Freedom of association
•    Victims’ rights
•    The concept of justice

Each theme has been allocated to two artists, one with a brief that explores its history and the other tasked with looking at its future and evolution. Our 20 artists are from a range of backgrounds and locations throughout England and Wales, and were selected from a whopping 110 entries to our exhibition.

Taking into account the current government guidance and our concerns for the optimum safety of our members, the MA has cancelled all physical exhibitions. The action is instead being brought to you exclusively online at

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Image: Sara Harrington for the "Future: Gender and the Justice System". Artist's comment: ‘My painting "Pride in London 2019" depicts our right to express ourselves and celebrates that freedom.’

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