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HMPPS judicial survey on probation

Overview of survey results

18 September 2020
HMPPS judicial survey on probation

Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service has published a summary of the findings from their latest judicial survey. The 2019 judicial survey was circulated between January and February 2020. The responses from the 2018 survey were nearly doubled, equating to 1,880 completed surveys from courts across England and Wales.

This short video sets out the main findings. Welsh or English subtitles are available under settings. A summary can also be read here.

There are many positive areas to the survey - 86.35% of sentencers were 'very satisfied' or 'satisfied' with the quality of sentencing advice provided by probation staff. Sentiment analysis showed that the quantitative 'multiple choice' responses were the more positive areas, while the qualitative responses allowed more freedom for respondents to share their views.

One area that stood out as being an area that requires attention is Enforcement and Breach. Overall respondents show some dissatisfaction with both the number of unacceptable absences and the timeliness of breaches. Judicial responses on satisfaction with community rehabilitation companies were more negative than the views of the National Probation Service. This was particularly in relation to their effectiveness in managing community orders.

Respondents wanted more information on rehabilitation activity requirements and expressed frustrations regarding probation availability, training and experience of court staff.

Finally, regarding the pre-sentence report itself, 50% feel they are 'rarely' or 'never' getting information on vulnerabilities in their reports.

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