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Justice Committee 2nd report on children and young people in custody

MA responds

10 February 2021
Justice Committee 2nd report on children and young people in custody

The Justice Select Committee have published their 2nd report into Children and Young People in Custody, which can be found here

Beverley Higgs JP, National Chair, Magistrates Association, responded to the report:

“The MA welcomes the government’s commitment to move from the current youth custodial estate to a secure schools model, as long as the new institutions are small, and allow a youth-centred approach with a focus on education. We support the JSC recommendation that this transition must be a priority for the government.

“The MA also supports the JSC recommendation that calls for a streamlined process which ensures ‘children have a single coordinated resettlement plan’ in place in good time before they are released from custody. We agree that appropriate safe and secure accommodation for children on release from custody is key to successful resettlement.

“The MA agrees that the transition from youth to adult services for young people turning 18 can be a cliff edge, and it is important that there is sufficient flexibility within the system for developing maturity to be taken into account. It should also be noted that neurodivergent issues might mean that a young adult should remain in youth services longer.”



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