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MA responds to record delays in youth criminal cases

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10 February 2020
MA responds to record delays in youth criminal cases

Data from the Ministry of Justice and the Youth Justice Board for England and Wales has shown that youth criminal cases are experiencing record delays. In 2018/19, the average youth criminal case took 154 days from the offence being committed to the final decision at court, a 52% rise from 101 days in 2010/11.

In an article in The Daily Telegraph, National Chairman of the MA John Bache JP called for financial investment in all areas of the justice system so that justice can be administered swiftly and fairly.

"Delays in any part of the justice system are a cause for concern, but particularly in youth justice where they have an especially damaging impact on vulnerable children, young people and victims," he added.

"It is especially concerning if delays lead to young people who commit crimes being tried in an adult court, if they turn 18 by the time their case comes to court."

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