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National Crime Agency Inspection 2020

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18 September 2020
National Crime Agency Inspection 2020

HM Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services has published a report of their sixth inspection of the National Crime Agency (NCA), examining its effectiveness at fulfilling its criminal intelligence function. The report's findings are based on evidence collected before the Covid-19 pandemic. The inspection considered the following areas:

  • Current capabilities
  • Resourcing
  • Alignment with the Serious and Organised Crime Strategy and the National Strategic Assessment
  • Ability to provide a single authoritative, strategic assessment of the threat from serious and organised crime
  • Compliance with national intelligence standards and existing legislation

The report found that the NCA is meeting its statutory obligation to provide a criminal intelligence function with resources and systems in place to effectively manage information. It found evidence of good practice in joint working arrangements between organisations. However it also found areas for concern and opportunities for improvement, including that it does not monitor actions that follow the dissemination of intelligence related to county lines activity and that the agency does not yet have full accreditation for digital forensic analysis.

The report made the following recommendations:

  • The NCA should review and consolidate its Police National Database licences so that intelligence staff can have quick access to it when required
  • The NCA should review its training for managing sensitive intelligence
  • The NCA should consider further investment in its premises, staff training and intelligence systems
  • The NCA should ensure that all regional strategic assessments are co-ordinated and submitted effectively to inform the National Strategic Assessment
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