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New MA paper makes a splash

MA research on the support employed magistrates require stimulates much-needed conversations

06 January 2022
New MA paper makes a splash


Just before Christmas, we published a discussion paper highlighting five key challenges facing employed magistrates and proposing a package of measures to address these.

Developed by our Young Magistrates Network based on data from focus groups and national-level surveys, the paper cautions that employed magistrates – who are often under 40 – are at risk of turning away from the crucial civic role if they are not better assisted to overcome these difficulties.

With the Ministry of Justice, HM Courts & Tribunal Service and the Judicial Office about to launch a new campaign to recruit a more representative magistracy, this was particularly a timely publication.

In addition to being featured in the Law Society Gazette, the paper also elicited invites for the MA to discuss its recommendations with Members of Parliament, the Magistrates’ Leadership Executive and Times Radio.

We are delighted our paper has stimulated such an important conversation – in government and the media – and we hope it will lead to tangible changes for current and prospective employed magistrates. Watch this space for updates!

In the meanwhile, why not:


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