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The TRUNK April 2021

30 April 2021

West Sussex MA: making the most of lockdown

Seeing an opportunity to turn the Covid restrictions into something positive and also to reinvigorate members interest, West Sussex MA decided to launch a series of short (one hour) online events.

Starting with the AGM, a speaker was then invited to provide useful information that could be used as background information when sitting in court. The result was the biggest (virtual) attendance at an AGM anyone could remember!

After a number of successful sessions, West Sussex MA now have speakers booked well into the second half of the year covering a wide range of topics. Some of the sessions are fairly specific, such as those with a family angle, but at the same time intended to be of interest to everyone.

For more information about these events, please contact Richard Cohen

All London branches: members invited to meet District Judge

The highly regarded Jane McIvor DJ(MC) will be speaking about her role as a District Judge sitting in a busy inner-London Magistrates’ Court where urban deprivation feeds county lines and often murder. The talk cover the reasons she chose this path.

This talk is open to all MA members across the London Branches and will take place online on 18 May at 6.45pm (via MS Teams). Branches will be sending out full details shortly.

To help raise membership, the Branch executives would like to invite members from East London and North East London benches to extend the invitation to a sitting or retired JP as their VIP guest. For VIP admittance email with ‘VIP’ in the email subject and the judicial email of your guest. They will be sent an invite – and no hard sell will follow!

For more information, please contact Del Hunter

Black Country MA: virtual events

Black Country MA’s executive is creating a programme of virtual events with various organisations and hopes you will be able to attend some of the interesting sessions they have lined up.

  • 12 May at 18:30: Black Country community rehabilitation companies reducing reoffending
  • 19 June at 10:30: Cranstoun and West Midlands Police drug arrest referral service, followed by the AGM.

All events will be held digitally via Teams and more events are being planned. Invites will be emailed to all Black Country MA members prior to each event.

If you have any queries, please email Gemma Staite.

North East and East London MA: forced marriage webinar

MA members of North East and East London MA hosted a webinar for all London Branches on the subject of Forced Marriage (FM), delivered by Aneeta Prem JP of Freedom Charity.

For some attendees this was an emotional event as the true nature and scale of this crime were explained and accompanied by a moving and compelling personal testimony spoken by a victim (a survivor who is now works with Freedom).

The webinar explored awareness and the prevalence of forced marriage and how it differs between arranged marriage.  MA members heard about the link between and forced marriage and other crimes such as domestic slavery, serial rape, child abuse and all to often, suicide.

Before gaining some practical tips on how to spot potential risk of forced marriage the webinar explored how some influential individuals are keen to suppress the issues and discourage action on grounds of diversity of community/religious practice and reluctantly, to protect perpetrators.

Freedom Charity highlighted the low numbers of Forced Marriage Protection orders and contrasted that with the increasing numbers of boys, girls, adults and grandparents that are either victims or survivors.  Similar training is on offer to all Branches by application to

For more information, please contact Del Hunter

Surrey MA: presentation on domestic violence protection

Following the two successful presentations on Children in the UK Care System and Understanding the Role of Trauma in Domestic and Sexual Abuse, Surrey MA are hosting a third presentation which is planned for 9 June. There will be three presenters.

DCI Matt Barcraft Barnes, the lead for Domestic Abuse for Surrey Police will talk about DVPN/DVPOs and the impacts.

Michelle Blunsom MBE is CEO of East Surrey Domestic Abuse Service. She will address the different elements of domestic abuse, impact on the victims and the multi-agency approach.

Fiamma Pather is CEO of Your Sanctuary. This organisation offers support to male victims of abuse across Surrey. Fiamma will speak about the DVPO and the impact on victims, and how the time allocated in the order is used by outreach workers to offer support and advice.

This has been given JTAAAC approval and can be logged as a training session.

For more information, please contact Karon Goodfellow

Shropshire MA: information sharing events

Shropshire MA will be hosting the next two information sharing events.  These will both begin at 7.00 pm and will be via Microsoft Teams.

6th May 2021 Douglas Mackay from the CPS is giving a talk entitled “A modern CPS”

9th June 2021 Sarah Treadaway from Citizens Advice Witness Service will be giving a talk about their role in the court.

Please email Nicola Huges if you would like to attend

Cheshire MA: AGM and members’ meeting

Cheshire MA members are invited to come together virtually for its upcoming AGM and members’ meeting. The meeting will take place over Zoom on 6 November.

All Cheshire and Merseyside Magistrates will be invited to link in. There will be an interesting mix of speakers including presentations on County Lines Drug Dealing and Domestic Violence. 

For more information, please contact Alan Eyres.




For more than 650 years the courts in England have sat;

Not even wars nor a pandemic could put a halt to that.

Lady Justice with sword and scales in hand;

Overseeing that Justice is done across the land.


She stands tall and proud and may be blind;

Yet she sees the continued work of the courts of every kind.

From Family, Crown, Magistrates and Nightingale;

Courts are still hearing cases and deciding on bail.


The arrival of a virus in 2020;

Did create pressures and demands on the Court Service a plenty.

With a determination and resolve not to be beaten;

A solution was found which to the world proved to be a beacon.


With the introduction of screens, social distancing and masks;

The Courts could continue to operate and perform its tasks.

Nothing was going to stop the rule of law;

Even though it was brought to its knees and almost on the floor.


With the speedy introduction of greater technology;

There came a need to master new terminology.

From CVP, MeetMe, e-learning and the need for a good connection;  

Have I got the right equipment and will my battery last the session.


Have been informed the sitting today will be held remotely;

I can put away my suit and PPE.

At least I will not have to travel to court;

I will just stay at home and read the report.


Do not have to decide on which tie to wear;

It does not matter that I forgot to comb my hair.

I will not have to make a journey by car;

I have a court sitting today but do not have to go far.


Do not have to concern myself with traffic, codes or parking;

My only worry is will I manage to login.

Having read the digital bundles and checked my link;

Will just have enough time to grab a quick drink.


Anon  JP

East Sussex Branch

MA Council meeting

The next MA Council meeting will take place on Wednesday 12 May at 11.30am-4pm.

It will be an online event, utilising Zoom.

We are delighted to announce that Nicole Jacobs, the Domestic Abuse Commissioner, will be joining us as guest speaker on the day.

For more information, please contact Membership.

LGBT+ Group Survey

Members of the LGBT+ Group are invited to take part in a short survey the LGBT+ Group Executive has put together. The Executive hopes that this will provide more insight into the experiences, attitudes and priorities of LGBT+ Group members.

For more information, please contact Thomas Quarton-Manuel

CMJA Virtual Conference

MA Members are invited to the CMJA Virtual Conference 12-15 September 2021 - "Post-Pandemic Innovations" 

Registration is now open and for more information on the conference and registration form, please click here.



500 Club - April WINNERS

1st Prize – Helen Bennett (Mid & South Glamorgan)
2nd Prize – James Dickinson (Lancashire County)
3rd Prize –  Mark Waller (Lincolnshire)


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