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Volunteers' Week 2021

A time to say thanks

01 June 2021
Volunteers' Week 2021

Tuesday 1 – Monday 7 June is Volunteers’ Week. During an exceptionally difficult year, people from all over England and Wales have made a huge difference to people and their communities by volunteering as magistrates – just as they do every year.

The theme of this week is ‘A time to say thanks’, and the MA wants to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the magistrates who have been so crucial in keeping the wheels of justice turning in the most difficult of circumstances. Many of you have undertaken remote sittings for the first time, often overcoming technical challenges to do so. Others have volunteered to sit more frequently, filling in for colleagues who were not able to. We have been struck by your strength and optimism, and above all by your commitment to your role and to ensuring that everyone who comes before you receives justice in as timely and efficient a manner as the situation has allowed for.

This week we will be highlighting a few different aspects of the magistracy through articles on our website as well as through posts on Twitter and LinkedIn

Tuesday 1 June – History of the magistracy

Wednesday 2 June – Representation in the magistracy

Thursday 3 June – The magistracy and employment

Friday 4 June – Magistrates in the Community

Monday 7 June – Becoming a magistrate

We will be featuring the views of magistrates as well as reflecting on the benefits of volunteering in this important way.

This week is a time to say thanks for all the work that you do, whatever your role in the magistracy is. Whether you are a presiding justice, a winger or part of an appraiser panel, whether you are involved in Magistrates in the Community or a Special Interest Group, whichever jurisdiction you sit in: you are the cornerstone of the justice system, and your contribution is invaluable. Thank you.

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