Report on probation and the provision of community sentences

This MA report looks at the impact of the Transforming Rehabilitation programme


The Transforming Rehabilitation programme saw wholesale reform of the provision of probation services with the creation of Community Rehabilitation Companies and the National Probation Service, with the former supervising lower-risk offenders in the community and latter responsible for managing higher risk offenders and providing information to the courts to inform sentencing.

The MA has published a new report summarising the Transforming Rehabilitation programme, the key issues and criticisms that have subsequently arisen, and the MA’s position in respect of the current probation landscape. In order to inform this position, the MA has conducted surveys of members and the results and analysis of those surveys are included in this report.

The report is intended as both a record of our concerns with the current probation landscape and to serve as an indication of the key issues that, in our view, are most salient to consider in planning reform. We conclude by recommending a number of priorities for the future design of the probation service.

The report is available here.