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Coming up in the December 2021-January 2022 issue of MAGISTRATE

Find out what's coming up in the magazine which will be arriving with members soon

30 November 2021
Coming up in the December 2021-January 2022 issue of MAGISTRATE

The family court themed issue of MAGISTRATE will be online and on your doorstep by 8 December 2021.

We are grateful to the many current and retired members who suggested ideas for features and those who have contributed articles and shared personal stories with us about what has inspired them to become part of the family court jurisdiction. Highlights include an interview with Sir Andrew McFarlane, the president of the family division, and an article by the award-winning investigative journalist Louise Tickle about opening up the family courts. They both highlight the need for the family court to inform the public about what is happening behind our closed doors while at the same time ensuring there is the necessary protection for families and children.

We have several articles concerning helping people to help themselves. These are about mediation, the Parenting Apart Programme, the early intervention strategy and Support Through Court. The latter is helpful to court users in in civil as well as family jurisdictions. There is a poignant story about becoming a special guardian by a magistrate and an incredibly heart-wrenching account from a member of the Family Justice Young People’s Board about her experiences of the family justice system.

Stephen Leake explores the soon to be introduced domestic abuse protection orders (DAPOs), which will have a bearing on both family and criminal courts. There is a review of the book by Lemn Sissay, the chancellor of Manchester University, about his disturbing experiences in care.

Whether you sit in youth, adult or family court, you will find the rich array of family court themed features thought-provoking and relevant to contemporary social issues. For they all concern the bedrock of society, the family, in its many different forms and ways of being.

Stepping away from family, Tom Franklin reports on the 2021 conference and awards, applauding members and branches who have contributed in innovative ways to the magistracy. We focus on problem gamblers, their engagement in crime and treatment within the criminal justice system. There is an amusing historical account of an incidence of cholera in a Victorian court and the attempt by the judge on the day to balance safety with the pressing need for the work of the court to continue.

We hope you will appreciate our scheme to encourage more magistrates to join the MA. We are only as strong as our members; for numbers speak volumes when it comes to promoting the magistracy and our judicial role. The bigger the family, the louder our voice will sing!

May you have a happy and healthy Christmas and new year.

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