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Could you be our North West Judicial Business Group representative?

If so, apply by 1 June 2022

19 April 2022
Could you be our North West Judicial Business Group representative?

An opportunity to represent the MA on the Judicial Business Group (JBG) for the North West has arisen following the incumbent's successful appointment as a bench chair. We are looking to fill this vacancy as soon as possible as the first JBG meeting is taking place in July.

What does the role entail?
These are important roles in the MA. Our JBG representatives play a key role in ensuring that the MA has a voice in the management of the business of the magistrates' court at a regional level. The role involves:

  • Preparing for and attending meetings of the JBG (which take place quarterly) and making a full contribution to the proceedings
  • Providing a report of each meeting, subject to the confidentiality requirements, to the MA nationally and to MA representatives in the region
  • Liaising regularly with other MA representatives in the region – for example branch chairs and Training Approvals, Authorisations and Appraisal Committee members – to inform their contributions to the JBG
  • Attending an annual meeting with all MA representatives within the region
  • Attending quarterly, national meetings (online) of the MA's JBG representatives
  • Attending biannual MA Council meetings

The role is for an initial three year term. A full description of the role of JBGs can be found below.

MA support for JBG representatives
The MA nationally provides support for our JBG representatives, including:

  • Convening annual meetings in each region to bring together all MA representatives in the region to share information and experiences
  • Holding training sessions for JBG representatives as required
  • Providing briefings on national issues of relevance to JBG representatives
  • Enabling information-sharing between the seven regional JBG representatives, including convening quarterly online meetings

Requirements for the role
MA representatives must be a sitting magistrate and must have been a magistrates and an MA member for at least three years. They must also sit on a bench within the region that they are seeking to be the representative for.

In addition, the MA is looking for individuals who:

  • Have played an active role in the MA
  • Have experience of contributing to committees or working groups, either as a magistrate or elsewhere
  • Have the ability to think strategically and to problem-solve effectively
  • Have the ability to establish personal credibility with a range of stakeholders
  • Have excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Have a good understanding of the issues that JGBs will consider, such as listings

How to apply
If you would like to apply for this crucial role, please email the MA's chief executive, Tom Franklin with details of how you meet the above requirements. All applicants must have the support of their own branch chair so please consult them before applying and includ the branch that you are a member of in your application.

If you would like to discuss the role before applying, please email Tom at the above link.

The deadline for applying is Wednesday 1 June 2022. Applications will be reviewed, and selections made, by a panel of the MA's national chair, a trustee, and the chief executive.

The role of the JBGs
The JBGs provide governance of judicial business at the regional level. The regions are London, the Midlands, the North East, the North West, the South East, the South West and Wales.

The regional JBGs are decision-making groups and are responsible for ensuring that there are appropriate arrangements in place for the efficient and effective conduct of the judicial business of the magistrates' courts, and specifically for ensuring that:

(a) the judicial business of the magistrates' courts is conducted efficiently and expeditiously in the interests of justice
(b) resources are equitably deployed to meet the wider interests of justice
(c) strategic listing policies are devised and applied, supporting magistrates to achieve their minimum sitting days requirement
(d) all magistrates are able to undertake appropriate training and receive regular appraisals
(e) there is liaison with the Family Division Liaison Judge in relation to (b) and (d) above

JBGs provide quarterly reports to the national Judicial Oversight Group on the performance of each magistrates' court and determine and manage any bench of panel mergers.

Each JBG meet at least quarterly and are chaired by the Presiding Judge or their nominee. The membership of each JBG is made up of the Presiding Judge, up to two District Judges (MC), the regional representative of the Magistrates Leadership Executive, up to two further Bench Chairs, the Head of Legal Operations, they Delivery Director and an MA representative.

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