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Could you represent us on a Training, Approvals, Authorisations and Appraisals Committee?

We currently have several vacancies to fill

27 May 2022
Could you represent us on a Training, Approvals, Authorisations and Appraisals Committee?

Six opportunities have recently arisen to represent the Magistrates’ Association on Training, Approvals, Authorisations and Appraisals Committees (TAAACs) across England and Wales.

As you might have read in our recent blog post, TAAACs play a vital role in monitoring and implementing magistrates’ training, mentoring and appraisals across England and Wales. There are TAAACs for both adult/youth and family courts, known as JTAAACs and FTAAACs, respectively. Each TAAAC must contain an MA member who is a sitting justice.

We have the following six vacancies:

1.        Staffordshire, Shropshire, and Worcestershire (JTAAC)

2.        Cleveland and Durham, north Northumbria, and south Northumbria (FTAAC)

3.        Kent (FTAAC)

4.        Bristol and north Avon, Somerset, and Gloucestershire (FTAAC)

5.        Wiltshire, Wessex (FTAAC)

6.        Mid and south Glamorgan, west Glamorgan, and Gwent (FTAAC).

What does the role involve?

TAAACs meet between two and four times a year and do other work between these strategic meetings. The MA representative takes a full role in all functions of the TAAAC and is the point of liaison between the TAAAC, their local branches and MA headquarters. Representatives are supported by the MA’s Training, Learning and Development Committee.

What qualities does a TAAAC representative need to have?

-        Continuous improvement: a recognition of the need for ongoing development of self and others.

-        Objectivity: the ability to exercise the same impartiality as when sitting as a justice in court.

-        Confidentiality: an understanding that discussions relating to individual justices stay confidential.

-        Effective communication: the ability to communicate effectively with committee colleagues and other justices.

-        Commitment: the time and dedication to undertake the responsibilities of a committee member.

How can I apply?

Branches are responsible for nominating representatives. So, if you are interested in applying for one of the above vacancies please contact your local MA branch.

Alternatively, Janet Lallysmith, the MA’s Training, Learning and Development Officer, can provide you with details about the application process.

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