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Judicial retirement age bill laid before Parliament

Magistrates to sit until 75

30 July 2021
Judicial retirement age bill laid before Parliament

The Public Service Pensions and Judicial Offices Bill, a bill that intends ‘to make provision about the remuneration and the date of retirement of holders of certain judicial offices’ and ‘to make provision about judicial service after retirement’, has begun its journey through the House of Lords, with its first reading taking place on 19 July.

The Ministry of Justice announced back in March this year that the retirement age for magistrates will be raised to 75, which is reflected in Clause 103 of the Bill. The Bill also makes provision 'to allow the reinstatement of those retired magistrates who are younger than 75 and who wish to return to continue sitting, where this is necessary to meet business needs'. 

The MA has been campaigning for the judicial mandatory retirement age to be raised since our members passed the motion at our AGM in October 2018. Since then, this has been a key priority for the MA. We have been working hard influencing the senior judiciary, civil servants, ministers and Members of Parliament to make this happen.

Our response to the government’s consultation last year showed that this change has the support of a significant majority of our members, with 82% thinking that the retirement age for magistrates should be increased and 71% thinking it should be raised to 75.

Thank you to all our members for your support on this issue. We rely on the support of our members to enable us to do this work on your behalf, as the only independent voice of the magistracy.

The second reading of the Bill is scheduled for 7 September 2021.

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