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New MA report highlights magistrates' experience in criminal courts during Covid-19

The Magistrates’ Association, assisted by Transform Justice, has published a report on magistrates’ experiences of criminal courts during the pandemic. The report makes recommendations for the future use of remote links in magistrates’ courts.

The report, published today, calls for improved technology and consistent guidance for using remote links in criminal courts to ensure high quality justice is delivered. Evidence from members of the Magistrates’ Association reveals that magistrates accepted the need for remote links in response to the emergency of the pandemic. However, members commented that improvement was needed in various areas if remote links were to continue to be used in the future. 

Blog post: Magistrates hear 90% of criminal cases, slashing their resources will not help reduce the backlog

A response to Transform Justice

Transform Justice recently suggested reorienting existing resources from the magistrates’ courts to the Crown Court. The call to reorient resources would undermine work of the magistrates’ courts which has successfully worked to reduce the backlog in the magistrates' courts.