HMCTS Reform Update

Extension of programme timetable

11 June 2019
HMCTS Reform Update

In their latest Reform Update, HMCTS announced they will be extending the programme’s timetable by a year to 2023 to ensure that the changes they are making are delivered effectively. This is in response to feedback from various stakeholders, including reports from The House of Commons’ Public Accounts Committee and the National Audit Office.  HMCTS promise that over the next few months their existing online services will increase in scale, reach and functionality, and new services will be developed. Further tests and pilots will take place on new ways of resolving disputes, including online resolution and video hearings.

In Crime, HMCTS reported that a digital case management system to support the Single Justice Procedure for summary offences has handled over 31,000 Transport for London cases since its launch. Other projects include the Make a Plea Online system for summary traffic offences (which is now available across all 43 police forces), online jury summons, Digital Mark Up in Magistrates’ Courts and the Magistrates’ Court Rota. By the end of the year, HMCTS promises a national rollout of the SJP digital case management system (including listings published online which are now available here) and expanded use in Magistrates’ Courts of Common Platform.

In Family, HMCTS report more than 41,000 Divorce and 19,000 Probate online applications being made. By the end of the year they plan to make these online services available nationally and to introduce new features to the digital services including decree absolute applications and case management, evidence management and orders online.

By the end of the year, HMCTS have promised to further upgrade the Wi-Fi in all criminal courts, complete further testing on video hearings, pilot Flexible Operating Hours and procure an external supplier of a digital Scheduling and Listing tool. The number of Courts and Tribunals Service Centres will increase and ‘common capabilities’ will be put in place to ensure the next set of services can be built more rapidly.

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