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The TRUNK October 2019

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29 October 2019
The TRUNK October 2019


Our annual AGM, conference and awards dinner took place on 19 October at Crowne Plaza Stratford upon Avon, Bridge Foot, Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 6YR. In a departure from previous years, all the events were held on one action packed day.
The day was a great success, with over 200 people attending the conference, an increase of over 50% on 2018. 


Annual General Meeting

The day started with the MA’s AGM. The minutes of the previous year’s AGM were agreed and the annual report and the financial statements for 2018-2019 were also presented and agreed. Paul Kemp was appointed as Honorary Treasurer, replacing Shyam Sharma, who was thanked for his contribution to the MA. Sarah Clarke, Jacqui MacDonald-Davis and Luke Rigg were also welcomed to the Board. Price Bailey LLP were reappointed as the MA’s auditors. 

The following motion was then debated:

 ‘This AGM believes that to aid recruitment and retention there should be more differentiation between roles within the magistracy, with differing minimum sitting requirements for presiding justices and wingers and the creation of a new tier of presiding magistrates, who sit alone with a legal adviser and are paid a daily fee.’

Proposer: Emir Feisal JP – Central and North London MA
Seconder: Jacqui MacDonald-Davis JP – Central and North London MA

After debate, the motion fell.

National Chair’s address

The formal AGM was followed by a speech by the MA’s National Chair, John Bache. John discussed the four issues that he had presented to Judges’ Council earlier this year – magistrate recruitment, confidence in community sentences, custodial sentences, and access to justice. He was optimistic on the first three, but said there is cause for concern on the fourth. He concluded by thanking the Senior Presiding Judge, who retires in December, for her support for the magistracy and all attendees for their contributions to the magistracy and to the MA.


The theme of this year's conference was THE CHANGING FACE OF JUSTICE, and attendees were treated to an interactive look at the future of the magistracy against the backdrop of the wider justice system, with the newly introduced panel sessions and reformatted breakouts.

The first panel, The Changing Face of the Magistracy, was an exploration of the issues around the representation of marginalised communities within the magistracy. Speakers were Susan Acland-Hood, Chief Executive, HMCTS; Paul Twocock, Chief Executive, Stonewall; Karen Quinn, Chair of Triple A (All About Autism); and Natasha Broomfield-Reid, Founder of Diverse Matters. They provided a variety of perspectives on issues ranging from the intersection of issues around class, ethnicity and sexual orientation to the specific challenges around recruiting magistrates with invisible disabilities, such as autism. Audience participation was lively and brought to light the very real issues of courtroom accessibility for magistrates with physical disabilities.

The second panel, Interactions between inequality and justice, looked at the same topic from the opposite viewpoint, exploring how a range of factors such as race, class, and gender may shape or determine differences in the way individuals interact with the courts. Speakers were Paul Dillane, a member of the UK Government LGBT Advisory Panel; Katrina Ffrench, Chief Executive of Stopwatch; Polly Harrar, Founder of The Sharan Project; and Carolyn Housman, Chief Executive Officer of Children and Families across Borders. They provided insight into the issues faced by the myriad layers within marginalised communities as they interact with the law. The topics ranged from issues around the dowry system and domestic abuse, and how an understanding of these on the part of magistrates could shape the experiences Asian women attending court; to the challenges of imposing sentences on foreign nationals that could and would be upheld in their home countries; to the uncomfortable questions of conscious and unconscious bias.

The keynote speakers, Lady Justice Macur, Senior Presiding Judge and Sir Andrew McFarlane, President of the Family Division, represented the high judiciary at the event. Their addresses were of the excellent quality that one would expect, and their clearly expressed admiration for magistrates and appreciation of the tireless efforts of our membership were greatly appreciated.

The four breakouts were well received, with the session on stalking, led by the Suzy Lamplugh Trust, being especially popular. Victoria Charleston, their Policy and Development Manager, spoke compellingly on how stalking perpetrators manipulate family and civil courts to continue their pattern of stalking behaviours. In the same time slot, the Sentencing Council spoke on the new general guidelines. 

Mary Ryan, Family Drug and Alcohol Courts; Professor Peter Squires, Institute of Criminal Justice Research; and Phil Bowen, Director, Centre for Justice Innovation spoke on the trend towards the criminalisation of activities that would previously not have been regarded as crimes and the role of the courts in responding to societal problems in one of the final two breakouts.  In the other, Dr Paul Dawson, Head of Research at Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC); Dr Daragh Murray, Senior Lecturer, University of Essex School of Law; and Dr Julie Doughty, Founder Member of The Transparency Project, spoke on future of technology in the UK, exploring its potential impact on magistrates and the justice system as a whole


Awards dinner

The awards dinner took place shortly after the conference and was a resounding success. In addition to magistrates from all over England and Wales, we were joined by special guests including Lady Justice Macur; Sir Andrew McFarlane and Lady Susanna McFarlane; Lady Emma Arbuthnot, Chief Magistrate; Philip Seccombe, Police and Crime Commissioner for Warwickshire; Timothy Cox, The Lord-Lieutenant of Warwickshire and Simon  Miesegaes, High Sheriff of Warwickshire – the last three of whom presented awards. 

HHJ Andrew Lockhart QC, Honorary Recorder of Coventry, Resident Judge at Warwickshire Justice Centre and President of Coventry and Warwickshire MA welcomed guests. This was followed by a presentation on the history of female magistrates from Beverley Higgs, National Deputy Chair of the MA – marking this year as the centenary of the first female magistrate. 

Following an excellent meal, the real focus of the evening began – the presentation of awards to our fantastic members. This year’s winners and commendations are:

MIC Education award

WINNER: Buckinghamshire MA

WINNER: North and West Yorkshire MA

MIC Community award



MIC Innovation Award

WINNER:Tony Clark – North Cheshire MA

COMMENDATION: Janet Brimley – Lancashire County MA

MIC Presenter of the Year Award

WINNER: Caroline Shorten-Conn–  Buckinghamshire MA

COMMENDATION: Chika Udezue – Dorset MA

Employer Award

WINNER: British Airways - nominated by Harry Callaghan

COMMENDATION: London Energy Ltd – nominated by Mark Beattie, Central and North London MA                                         

Branch Officer of the Year Award

WINNER: Stephan Smith – South and South East London MA

COMMENDATION: Jenny West – Gloucestershire MA

Retired Member of the Year Award

WINNER: Brenda Lane – Merseyside MA

COMMENDATION: Alan Sandham –  Lancashire County MA

Special Recognition Award

WINNER: Jean Bonnick – nominated by Sophie Archer, Norfolk MA

COMMENDATION: Keith Stokes-Smith – Worcestershire MA

Branch of the Year Award                                                               

WINNER: Wessex MA 

Inclusion and Social Value Award (NEW!)

WINNER: Carole Johnson – Bristol and North Avon MA

COMMENDATION: Alan Barker – nominated by Janet Brimley, Lancashire County MA

Entertainment was provided by Shakespeare Morris, wearers of the Shakespeare family Coat of Arms, with many attendees and distinguished guests getting up for a dance! 

One of Stratford’s favourite sons, actor Tim Dutton, added a bit of showbiz glamour to the evening as after dinner speaker. Tim is a British stage, film, and television actor whose films include Darkness Falls (1999), The Bourne Identity (2002), The Infiltrator (2016) and The Detonator. He starred in the Academy Award and BAFTA nominated movie Tom & Viv (1994) as Maurice Haigh-Wood and currently plays powerful and enterprising magistrate, Joseph Merceron, on the award winning blockbuster BBC One historical period drama, Poldark. 
Alison Spurgeon-Dickson, National Deputy Chair of the MA gave a vote of thanks and closed the event. Many attendees carried on at the hotel’s cash bar!


We are delighted to be able to announce that the 2020 AGM, conference and awards will take place on 17 October at Plaisterers Hall in London. A programme befitting our centenary year will soon follow.


Greater Manchester MA: tackling knife activity 

Knife crime is a growing menace across England and Wales, with many young people becoming involved in carrying or even worse using a knife. In the county of Greater Manchester, there was recently the shocking murder of a young man in the leafy affluent area of Hale, cutting short the life of a talented 17 year old.
The GMMA executive committee wished to do something on a practical level to prevent young people thinking it was 'cool' to carry a knife. Then along came Channel 4 News, which included an article involving a Theatre in Education company called 'Round Midnight', who were working with a school in the West Midlands to deliver a hard hitting production advising young people of the folly of becoming involved with knives.
After approaching Round Midnight, the Executive identified Walkden COOP Academy in Salford, one of eight boroughs in Greater Manchester. The Academy were thrilled at the prospect of staging this production 'Cutting Ties', which it was agreed would be available to Years 8, 9 and 10.
On 3 October, members of the branch arrived at the Academy to be warmly welcomed by the Assistant Principal and the Pastoral Manager. The performance hall was packed with Year 8 pupils waiting for the performance to begin. 
This performance invites you to sit in on a conversation between Mia and her teacher after she is found with a knife in school. Mia explains the story from the beginning, telling how a solid friendship between herself, Aidan and Luke quickly turns sour as they embark upon adolescence and Aidan falls in with the wrong crowd. The pupils are asked to focus on the vulnerabilities, relationships and consequences of the characters' actions which all lead to the climactic moment where the three friends are faced with a knife.
During the performance there are ‘break-out’ moments where the audience are encouraged to talk about what they've seen. The pupils have the opportunity to question the characters, delving deeper into the motivations behind their actions and investigating the bigger picture. The audience are asked to offer advice and support to each character, helping them reach a more positive outcome. 
GMMA were able to provide this production to almost 900 pupils with differing reactions and interactions from the different year groups. The branch feels that if it  can discourage one young person from carrying a knife, the endeavour will have been a success. GMMA is indebted to the East Lancashire Masonic Charity for funding this initiative.
GMMA has made three further funding applications to charitable donors to extend this initiative across Greater Manchester, and has also agreed to take Round Midnight's Virtual Reality production of 'Virtual Decisions' to two Pupil Referral Units within the county. 

The branch’s vision is that this is exactly what Magistrates in the Community is all about.

Please click here to contact Paul Brearley for more information about this initiative. 

Gwent MA: Victorian trials performance

Members of Gwent MA recently performed a re-enactment of Victorian trials as part of the branch’s Magistrates in the Community programme. 

All the cases were based on historical records obtained from the Gwent Archives. The audiences heard about John Cope, sentenced to 14 years transportation for the theft of a gentleman’s silk handkerchief in the early part of the 19th century; and Henry Jones, who faced a month’s hard labour for abandoning his wife to be looked after by the parish. 

The performance was held in what was originally a real Victorian court house - The Sessions House in Usk was opened in 1877 as the Quarter Sessions Court for the whole of Monmouthshire. The court subsequently became a magistrates’ court and held its last sitting in 1995. The cast and audience alike enjoyed the experience, but noted how tough the sentences were in those times with little in the way of defence if you were accused of a crime. Thankfully sentencing of hard labour, whipping, and transportation have been consigned to the history books!

To hear more about the above, please click here to contact Peter McLoughlin 

Bedfordshire MA: record numbers for mock family trials

Bedfordshire MA is delighted to announce that 17 schools applied to take part in the mock family trials this year - nearly triple the number of entries it has had in previous years.

Based on the branch’s experiences in the past, this year it has decided to have four schools competing and two schools to be `standby' schools in case a school has to drop out. The standby schools will, as last year, sit with the Judges and can also assist with the marking if required.

The branch is very pleased that former High Sheriff Julian Polhill has offered to support its event financially this year and is extremely grateful to him and to Veronica Bradley for arranging this.

Stephen Eames has once again kindly offered to prepare the schools for the event. Bedfordshire MA is very grateful to him to take this on for another year (five years running!)

The schools selected to compete are (in the order drawn):

• Redborne School

• Bedford Modern School

• Rushmoor School

• Lea Manor High School

The `standby' schools to sit with the Judges are:

• Sandy Secondary Upper School

• Bedford Academy

All the schools have been notified and sent the materials. 

If you have any queries about the above, please click here to contact Wendi Momen

Magistrates in the Community

Are you a MIC presenter, yet? If not, this is your chance to get involved!

‘Engaging schoolchildren, young adults and diverse communities in the work of the magistracy and their local court is hugely rewarding. It is important that we spread the word as to the vitally important work that magistrates do, and educate people about their judicial system. MIC is a fantastic project and I would recommend getting involved to any and all JPs.’

John Taylor JP, MIC Coordinator for Coventry and Warwickshire MA

‘It was really interesting to find out about what magistrates do.’
‘I didn't realise that the consequences of cyber bullying could be so severe.’ 
’It makes me want to be a magistrate when I'm older.’
Pupils at King's Oak Primary School in Bedfordshire after a MIC presentation on cyber bullying

'The students really enjoyed the talk and said they all learnt something new.'

Michelle Tang, Widening Participation Manager, St Catherine’s College (Insight Residential) Cambridge University.

 ‘It seems really useful to provide another angle on law and the study of law, beyond what our academics can offer.'
Ali Lyons, Schools Liaison Coordinator, Faculty of Law, Cambridge University.

Magistrates in the Community (MIC) is the MA’s community engagement initiative. Teams of magistrates throughout the country deliver a huge variety of presentations to incredibly diverse groups, every year. We visit schools and colleges, but also offices, community groups, religious and social groups.

Popular subjects range from how magistrates are appointed and how guilt and innocence are decided in the UK, to topical issues like cybercrime and bullying. 

MIC initiatives are fun, exciting, thought-provoking, challenging and satisfying as we endeavour to demystify the legal system and educate and interest the wider community in the work of their local court. Last year, we delivered presentations to over 80,000 people and, with your help, we hope to deliver even more this year!

You don’t need to be a teacher, an accomplished public speaker or anything other than a sitting or retired magistrate. You will never be expected to present alone and we will provide you with the support and materials to deliver MIC to the audience(s) of your choice. 

To find out more about being involved with MIC in your area, please contact your MIC Coordinator or get in touch with national office on or on 020 7387 2353 and we’ll point you in the right direction. 

West Glamorgan MA: recruitment drive at the Gower Show

West Glamorgan MA again took to the Gower Show this year to raise awareness of applying to be a magistrate in the local community. On 4 August, branch members Ross Evans, Karen Andrew, and Ros Lewis (all of whom are also members of the South Wales Advisory) met up on the grounds of Penrice Castle Park, Reynoldston.  They welcomed the services of some of their colleagues who helped them man the magistrates’ stand as well as one of their Advisory Lay members who gave up her time to join them. 

This year, after a fair bit of cajoling of HMCTS, the group were provided with a gazebo and some magistrate recruitment banners, which certainly helped them to catch peoples’ attention.  On the day, the team were all very active in chatting to the visitors at the show, letting them know about the role of a magistrate and encouraging them to think about stepping forward and applying.  They gave them flies with information of the website and forthcoming open days.

Due to the team’s excellent planning, two of the open days took place shortly after the show, so they were able to promote this opportunity and get interested parties to come along to see and hear for themselves what being a magistrate was all about.  Five of those they met at the show attended one of the open days, making the endeavour a great success. 

The group was also fortunate to have the support of the organisers of the show, who once again kindly offered a pitch at no charge -  as well as entry passes. The team were even fed and watered with the kind support of Sainsbury’s, who provided them with refreshments for the day, again at no cost.  

West Glamorgan Bench Chair, Stephen Rogers, came along again this year to give his support and provided the team with welcome ice creams, which quickly disappeared!

The goodwill of those visiting the grounds helped to make it a very positive day and recruiting opportunity for the team as they  spoke to people not only from Wales, but from across the UK and encouraged them to look at their own areas and apply. 

West Glamorgan MA is confident that all this hard work, along with the four open days it held in July and August will result in the branch seeing some excellent applicants, not just West Glamorgan, but in other areas of the UK.

For more information on this, please click here to contact Ross Evans.

West Glamorgan MA: MA centenary event

All members are hopefully aware that the Magistrates’ Association celebrates its centenary in 2020 and that many events are planned nationally to mark this historic milestone. Although the Magistracy has existed for over 650 years the Association was formed in 1920 at the initiative of Alderman Wilkins and at the invitation of the Lord Mayor of London about 200 Magistrates met in the Guildhall to form the Association. 

West Glamorgan MA felt that it too wanted to mark the occasion and has decided to hold a celebratory dinner at the Towers Hotel, Swansea on 26 March 2020. The dinner will have the High Sheriff as its chief guest and it is hoped that a number of circuit judges will also be in attendance. The event will commence with pre-dinner drinks at 7pm followed by dinner at 7.30pm and promises to be a very enjoyable and memorable evening. 

The Committee is confident that members of the West Glamorgan MA and their guests will support the event and has extended invitations to adjoining MA areas to join in the celebration of this historic point in the MA’s history.

If you are interested in attending the event, please click here to contact Stephen Rogers. 

West Glamorgan MA: visit to New Scotland Yard Crime Museum

West Glamorgan MA recently organised a visit to New Scotland Yard Crime Museum. 

The Crime Museum is a unique collection of impressive exhibits, which have either been donated or salvaged from crime scenes in the UK. Celebrating its 190th Birthday on 27 September of this year, it has been housed at its current location in the basement of New Scotland Yard since 2006. Only members of the police force and judicial system are allowed access on a pre booked basis.

It’s curator Paul Bickley, an ex-flying squad officer, entertained and horrified the group in equal measures. He was solemn when explaining how some police officers have lost their lives whilst protecting the public.

Attendees were keen to experience as much as they could and, after Paul’s talk, spent a thought-provoking hour listening to audio recordings and viewing examples of how the police investigate and solve crime.

Without exception, all of attendees agreed that the visit had been a worthwhile and memorable experience.

For more information, please click here to contact Sue Reed.

Northumbria MA: Tyne and Wear Metro ‘Crime and Security’ event

Northumbria MA recently held an event on Tyne and Wear Metro ‘Crime and Security’ presented by Paul Harris, Metro Security Manager; Sarah O’Neill, Metro Solicitor; and Sgt Tim Hand, Metro Police Unit. 

Paul Harris and his colleagues gave a wide ranging presentation about the organisation and resources that the Metro Security Unit employ to combat offences on the Metro System ranging from fare evasion to terrorism.  The Security Team is very small but is well supported by the Metro Customer Service Team, local authorities, Northumbria Police Metro Police Unit and neighbourhood teams, and British Transport Police.

Attendees of the event were shown a chart detailing the steps taken before cases are brought to court and the opportunities given to people to pay fares and penalty fines before this occurs.  They were surprised to learn that international graffiti artists have been causing a problem with arrests having been made of people travelling from Europe and further afield. Cable theft and damage causes huge problems – missing cable is often easier to identify as vandalism can be disguised thus taking longer to ‘track’ down.

If you would like to learn more about the event, please click here to contact Lesley Dickinson. 

Northumbria MA: visit to RNLI station at Blyth Northumberland 

On 12 October, Northumbria MA organised a visit to RNLI station at Blyth Northumberland. The tour was conducted by Helm Adam Pickering and Trainee Helm Jordan Holmes.

Members and non-members alike enjoyed an excellent tour of the RNLI station on a beautifully sunny day.  Their guides explained the history of the station, operational organisation and the qualifications needed to join the crew before touring the station.

The changing room is organised in such a way that they can be kitted up and launched within 3 minutes of arrival (each set costs almost £1700 and weighs around 15kg). There are two boats at Blyth: ‘B’ and ‘D’ class each with 3 crew, although a ‘D’ class can be crewed by 2 in some circumstances. Only station mechanics are paid retainers, all others are volunteers. 

Attendees were shown around the ‘D’ class and informed about all of the equipment. They viewed Episode three of the BBC programme ‘Saving lives at Sea’, which shows the crew in action and were all very impressed by their guides’ knowledge and enthusiasm for the very dangerous work they do.

Please click here to contact Lesley Dickinson for more information. 

Staffordshire MA: County lines and answers to common courtroom problems 

Staffordshire MA is holding a conference on 2 November at Blackheath Ln, Stafford ST18 0YG. Colleagues are invited to attend. 

Highlights on the day will include a headline presentation from DC Anthony David from Staffordshire Police on gangs and county lines in Staffordshire.  This is a complex issue that is coming in to magistrate courts across the country regularly.

The supporting programme includes a response to the Secret Barrister's criticisms of the magistracy, complex sentencing, dealing with difficult people in the courtroom and unrepresented defendants in the magistrates' court. A Q & A session will round off the day.

The programme was compiled following discussions with members of the branch and what they felt would be beneficial and reflect the current challenges and opportunities facing the magistracy.

If you would like to attend please click here to email Jonathan Dannatt. 

Middlesex MA: recent training event and forthcoming AGM

On 24 September, Middlesex MA held a successful training event at Uxbridge Magistrates’ Court on the latest sentencing guidelines, with a focus on knife crime. DJ Debbie Wright gave attendees a number of scenarios and helpfully guided through them. 

Ruth Pope from the Sentencing Council then talked about their role and informed attendees of all the new guidelines coming down the tubes.

On 6 November, the branch are holding its AGM at Willesden Magistrates’ Court with HH Judge Rosa Dean (Resident Judge at Harrow Crown Court) as guest speaker.

Please click here to contact Roger King with any queries or to confirm attendance of the AGM. 

Central and North London MA: an evening with the senior presiding judge

On 25 September, Central and North London MA held a well-attended and lively event in the Highbury Corner training room. Lady Justice Macur DBE shared her forthright and informative views – drawing on 40 years’ experience in the legal system, with twelve weeks remaining in her role. Attendees asked plenty of questions and received unambiguous replies in every case. 

Dame Julia encouraged the magistracy to be bold in the face of the genuine challenges it regularly faces, whether it’s ensuring that judicial decisions remain judicial decisions through to deciding whether sitting conditions in court – too cold or too hot – due to building systems shortfalls mean that proceedings should be curtailed.

She said she was taking away plenty of front-line evidence from the range of points and questions made by participants to address - for example, bottlenecks in magistrate recruitment and ongoing worries about the impact on court users of DMU.

She offered a clear commitment to ensuring efficiency initiatives across HMCTS do not lead to situations where the very serious consequences for individuals of receiving a criminal conviction are not properly subject to judicial decision making. She also reassured colleagues that, while e-learning has become an important part of magistrates’ ongoing training, opportunities for face-to-face interaction in the training room would remain.

The importance was to ensure magistrates – motivated by their ‘public service gene’ – continue to feel valued as reform continues to work through the system.

For more information on this event, please click here to contact Luke Rigg. 

Berkshire MA: general update 

Members meeting and AGM

If you are planning on attending the members meeting and AGM on 7 November please inform the branch secretary. 

Guest speakers will be the Judge Advocate General, Jeff Blackett, and MA national chair, John Bache.

MA Council representative

At that meeting, the branch will need to elect a new representative for the MA National Council as Allan Brownridge will step down.  If you would like to do this and get more involved please either let the Branch Chair (contact details provided at the end of this article) know in advance or at the meeting. 

Information session on Probation Reports

The branch has arranged an information session with Probation for lunchtime (from 1-2pm) on 28 November, in the Angus Room at Reading. Anyone interested in attending is asked to bring their own lunch and the branch will provide biscuits. 

The session will be led by Sonia Holloway in Probation and will be an opportunity to find out how and why the reports magistrates receive are written as they are. Please let the Branch Chair know if you have any burning questions which he can pass on in advance, although Sonia will take questions on the day too.

Visit to Yeldall Manor Rehabilitative Centre

The branch has been able to arrange a visit to Yeldall Manor. This is expected to take place on either 10 December or - if there is more demand for a Thursday than a Tuesday - 16 January. It will run from 1.30 to 4.30 pm whichever day.  

Yeldall Manor in their own words:

‘Yeldall Manor is a residential rehabilitation centre, set in 38 acres of Berkshire countryside near Reading. For over 40 years, we have been helping men to overcome serious drug or alcohol addictions and return to society to live new lives, drug, alcohol and crime free. We believe that recovery is possible and that recovery is not just abstinence. It involves learning to live comfortably as a sober, productive member of the community. It involves learning how to work, develop personal relationships, strengthen family ties, and enjoy positive leisure activities.’

Yeldall Manor take men from the prison system, as well as the wider community and have many successes. It is located at Hare Hatch near the garden centres.

The Branch Chair would like to know if you want to take advantage of this opportunity, so please contact him if you are interested. They can take up to twenty people at the visit.  

There may also be the chance for two or three magistrates to spend a whole day with them to experience what the men do, including gardening and cooking as well as classroom sessions, more on that after the AGM. 

Their website is Yeldall Manor.

Centenary of the MA

The centenary of the MA is next year and the branch is looking at ways it can be celebrated in Berkshire. If you have any particular ideas please let the Branch Chair know.  

Please click here to contact Paul Wassell about any of the above. 

Chair & Deputy Chair Branch Visits

John Bache, Chair

Attended visits

4 September 2019     Kent MA
18 September 2019   Essex MA

Upcoming visits

12 October 2019        Cheshire MA
29 October 2019        Clwyd MA
1 November 2019      Wolds and South Yorkshire MA
2 November 2019      Staffordshire MA
7 November 2019      Berkshire MA 
9 November 2019      Dyfed MA 
14 November 2019    Worcestershire MA
16 November 2019    Buckinghamshire MA
28 March 2020           Northamptonshire MA

Beverley Higgs, Deputy Chair

Attended visits
29 October 2019  Dorset MA

Upcoming visits
2 November 2019 Oxfordshire MA

Alison Spurgeon-Dickson, Deputy Chair

Upcoming Visits
2 November   2019 Lancashire County MA


1st Prize – Ian Brailey (Bristol and North Avon)
2nd Prize – Antony Smalley (North and West Yorkshire)
3rd Prize – Helen Bennett (Mid and South Glamorgan)

Wolds and South Yorkshire: AGM

Wolds & South Yorkshire Branch AGM and Conference 1st November to be held at Lifewise Centre, 1 Kea Park Close, Hellaby, Rotherham, S66 8LB

9.30 Arrive - Tea and coffee

10.00 - Wolds and South Yorkshire M.A. AGM

10.30 - Conference Introduction - Shane Bibby , Wolds and South Yorkshire Branch Chair

10.35 - Introduction to Wildlife Crime - Humberside Police and CPS  will deliver a training session relating to wildlife crime which is becoming increasingly prevalent in Humber and South Yorkshire court areas. This training is approved by JTAAAC and HMCTS .

11.30 - Coffee

11.40 - Q &A on Wildlife Crime 

12.10  John Bache -National Chairman of the Magistrates Association 

12.40 - Lunch 

13.15 - Martin Pickles - Deputy justice Clerk Humber and South Yorkshire

13.30 – His Honour Judge Peter Kelson QC 

14.00 Close

Members - Attendance is free and travel can be reclaimed through expenses

Non- members - £15

If you wish to attend please contact Andrew McCormack 

North East and East London MA Charity Quiz Night

Thursday 14 November 2019
Wanstead Golf Club, Overton Drive, London, E11 2LW

£10 per person. This includes a hot meal (choice of chili con carne or vegetable lasagne). Any profit will go to local charities. There will be a raffle for the same purpose.

This charity quiz is open to Magistrates' Association (MA) members and their guests. Guests do not need to be MA members or even magistrates but all attendees must be age 16 or over. There is a limit of 8 people per team. But if you come as an individual or cannot make up a full 8 then come along anyway – we will find you a team. 

There will be 8 formal rounds of questions plus an interval round. We will break at the halfway point for hot food. The club is kindly allowing us to use their facilities free so if you would like to buy drinks – soft or alcoholic - and snacks, they are available at the club bar whose prices are very reasonable. We expect the evening to close around 10pm.

So that we know how much food to order and other logistics, please let us know if you would like to come, the number of guests you will be bringing and their names (we will give everyone a name badge).

If you wish to attend please contact Jim Ludlam

Coventry and Warwickshire MA Training Event

Saturday 30th November 2019
CU Coventry building at 8 Mile Lane in Coventry, CV1 2TU
(just past Elm Bank) - free parking on site or a 5 minute walk from Magistrate Court

Policing Coventry
Chief Inspector Paul Minor

The role of High Sheriff of Warwickshire, with former High Sheriff
Clare Sawdon JP

09:00 - Coffee and Biscuits
09:30 - Chief Inspector Paul Minor
10:30 - Break for refreshments
10:45 - Clare Sawdon JP
12:00 - Finish

Entry is free to MA members, with a training certificate for your Appraisal Portfolio.
There is a £5 charge for non-members to cover costs or you may join the MA on the day.
Please let us know whether you will be attending for catering purposes.

If you wish to attend please contact Stephen Westwood

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Good afternoon, I would like to say that I attended my local MA event on Saturday 02/11/2019 In Stafford, and I must admit that with the selection of speakers and exhibits that were on show I have never come across such a good conference in such a long time, the information was of a very high standard and it was also very relevant to todays work in court and I would like to put it on record, my thanks for such a good event and I hope that this will be used as a template for all future events.

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