The MA 2021 awards

While the current situation still means that we cannot meet face-to-face, we will still be recognising and rewarding the excellence of our branches and individual members.

The names of the winners will be published in the December/January issue of the magazine and shared via our newsletters and website.

The deadline to get your nominations in is MIDNIGHT 23 SEPTEMBER.   Please find the nomination form here and send it to to be considered.

The categories are:

  • MIC Innovation Award

Awarded to the branch which has created and incorporated something new and innovative to their MIC programme.

  • MIC Presenter of the Year Award

Awarded to the MIC Presenter who has gone the extra mile at a local level to present and educate on the justice system

  • Employer Award

This award is based on members nominating their employers for supporting them in their role as a magistrate.

  • Branch Officer of the Year Award

Awarded to a branch committee member who is dependable, reliable, progressive and driven towards making their branch and the MA the best they can be..

  • Retired Member of the Year Award​

Awarded to the retired member who has made the most substantial contribution to their branch, and the MA as a whole.

  • Branch of the Year Award

Awarded to the branch that the panel believes has gone above and beyond, in communication, training, fundraising and representing its branch/branch members, and is a credit to the MA nationally.

  • Inclusion and Social Value Award

Awarded to the member who has done the most to promote the MA and the magistracy to diverse or underrepresented communities, furthering outreach and public knowledge of the magistracy and criminal justice.

  • Special Recognition Award

Awarded to the individual member who the panel believes has made a lasting contribution at either branch or national level, and who is truly exceptional in going above and beyond what would ordinarily be expected.