Supporting Our Members

The MA gives valuable guidance and training to its members


The MA has provided members with essential guidance and training, here are some recent highlights

  • We have organised and delivered branch and regional conferences across England and Wales
  • Provided MA branches with comprehensive guidance to help branches organise relevant training events
  • Issued regular law updates and explanation of new law and procedures to our members
  • Published ongoing information regarding the single family court and implications for family panel magistrates and provided a bespoke conference for family panel magistrates
  • Provided members with opportunities to practice sentencing via Sentencing Steps on our website and magazine
  • Organised seminars for all MA member representatives on magistrates area training committees, and initiated a regular update on national and MA developments
  • Produced MA guides on understanding accounts, dealing with licensing appeals, pre- and post-court reviews and financial loss
  • Raised awareness of issues such as McKenzie friends in court, the role of women’s safety officers, texting while driving, restorative justice, and reporting restriction through articles in our magazine
  • Highlighted good practice on setting up scrutiny panels, achieving consistency in training and development committees