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13 May 2024
Member only

We've produced some new promotional materials, to help all our branches and members promote the benefits of joining the Magistrates' Association (MA).

A photo of a smiling middle-aged woman. The text reads 'Why join the Magistrates' Association?'

These new materials – an A5-size leaflet and two double-sided A4 posters – are for you, and are designed to help you share the benefits of MA membership with magistrates who are not yet members.

How to use them

Copies of the new leaflet and posters will be on their way to every branch soon. When your branch executive members get them, ask them for some if you’d like copies to distribute. Please take them to your court and use them to encourage others to join the MA. Maybe:

  • Put some leaflets in the retiring room and hand them out non-members
  • Brighten-up your noticeboards with the posters. The posters are double-sided so you can turn them over every so often, so that people get to see both sides.

Please use the leaflet and posters to engage non-members in conversation about the MA. Please also encourage people to visit our website to find out more. They can type in the short link into their browser, or use their mobile phone to scan the QR codes on the materials.

If you need more copies

Please contact us at