It costs 85p per week to be an MA member

MA working for you

As the only charity representing magistrates in England and Wales, the Magistrates’ Association is reliant on its annual membership donations to fund its activities. In order to financially secure our charitable operations, we have decided to increase the minimum cost of membership for full members from 75p per week to 85p (from £39.50 to £44.50 annually). For our associate members the increase is 81p per week up from 71p (from £37.00 to £42.50 annually). This will take effect from 1 August onwards. Please note, retired members will not see an increase.

Malcolm Richardson, National Chairman of the MA, said: “After careful consideration, the Board of Trustees has decided to increase the amount we ask for membership of the MA. We believe that it is important that the Association fully recognises that it is a charity with finite resources and budgetary pressures. The last time the Association adjusted the membership donation was three years ago, when we were in a very different financial position.

“An increase of 10 pence each week will enable us to continue to do our work in training magistrates, influencing the public about the magistracy, and influencing the agenda in Parliament and Government. Our members make all of this possible and we are enormously grateful.”