Commission on Justice in Wales consultation response

MA response

Welsh justice

The MA has responded to the Commission on Justice in Wales' call for evidence. The Commission is to review the operation of the Welsh justice system and set a long term vision for its future, with a view to:

  • Promoting better outcomes in terms of access to justice, reducing crime and promoting rehabilitation
  • Ensuring the jurisdictional arrangements and legal education address and reflect the role of justice in the governance and prosperity of Wales as well as distinct issues that arise in Wales
  • Promoting the strength and sustainability of the Welsh legal services sector and maximising its contribution to the prosperity of Wales

In our response, the MA confirmed its support for the continuation of England and Wales as a distinct legal jurisdiction with common legal structures as well as laws, while stressing the need for HMCTS to strengthen its all-Wales focus so that changes and initiatives from UK Government, which affect Wales, are not simply rolled out without first considering the specific implications for Wales. We acknowledge that the current administrative structure of the courts in Wales works reasonably well as, in effect, an all-Wales self-contained administration. We emphasised the importance of the retention of a distinct administrative structure.

The call for evidence can be found here. The MA response is here.