Implementation of the Lammy Review's recommendations examined

The Justice Select Committee examines progress made on race equality issues in the criminal justice system since the publication of the Lammy Review

House of Parliament

On 26 March, the Justice Select Committee held an evidence session examining progress made on race equality issues in the criminal justice system, since the publication of the Lammy Review 18 months ago. The committee took evidence from David Lammy MP and criminal justice system race equality experts the Barrow Cadbury Trust, Clinks, the Race Equality Foundation and the Criminal Justice Alliance. The discussion included:

  • Whether outcomes have improved for BAME people 18 months on from the Lammy Review.
  • The lack of trust between BAME communities and the police, and how this is exacerbated by the use of Stop and Search and the Gangs Matrix.
  • The disproportionality of BAME children in the youth estate, with half of under-18s in custody being BAME. 39% of 18-20-year-olds and 34% of 20-24-year-olds in the prison population are BAME.
  • The diversity of the judiciary, which is lagging behind in relation to both gender and ethnic diversity.
  • The role of technology in tackling racial disparities in the criminal justice system and concerns that the facial recognition software which has recently been piloted in prisons has inbuilt racial biases.

The full transcript can be read here, or it can be watched here.

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