Message from the new Lord Chief Justice, Sir Ian Burnett

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Sir Ian Burnett - Lord Chief Justice

As he was sworn in the new Lord Chief Justice, Sir Ian Burnett, published a message to judicial office holders, in which he outlined his determination to push ahead with the work needed to tackle the issues that concern all in the criminal justice system. Where decisions are not in his gift, such as pay and pensions, he will be liaising with the Lord Chancellor. On those that are, such as welfare, he will work with colleagues to make sure that the right support is in place.

He will write soon to say more about his priorities, including on courts and tribunals reform. One of these is to do more to explain the role of the judiciary to the public and, as a first step, he has released a short video message.

He plans to spend a significant amount of time over the coming months visiting courts across the country and looks forward very much to meeting as many judicial office holders as possible.

For the full statement click here.

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