Protecting the public from aggressive bailiff tactics

Government call for evidence

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The government has launched a call for evidence to seek views on what more should be done to protect the public from the aggressive tactics of enforcement officers, previously known as bailiffs. This is the second post-implementation review of regulations which were introduced in 2014, which significantly curtailed enforcement officers' powers, improved transparency and worked towards ensuring that those with outstanding debts knew their rights.

The call for evidence is seeking views from vulnerable individuals, families and other victims of unacceptable bailiff behaviour as well interested parties such as charities and other stakeholders. They are seeking views on ensuring compliance with earlier curbs on enforcement officers' powers, the recognition and treatment of vulnerable people when collecting debt, the complaints process, the current fee structure and how this is working to incentivise payments, the suitability of current regulation and the possibility of an independent regulator. The call for evidence sits alongside wider government initiatives to support vulnerable debtors, and will run for 12 weeks. Full details can be found here.

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