Public Accounts Committee progress review of Transforming Rehabilitation

MA response to PAC report

Houses of Parliament

The MA is deeply concerned by the Public Accounts Committee's report that raises concerns over the failures of the Ministry of Justice's reforms to the probation service. The report shows that the reforms have failed to prevent reoffending with the average number of reoffences committed by each reoffender increasing.

John Bache JP, National Chair of the MA, said: "Magistrates must be confident in the probation services' capacity to provide and enforce robust and effective community sentences, and a properly functioning probation service is central to this. The Ministry of Justice must carefully evaluate the responses to its consultation and consider how risks regarding the future of the probation service can be mitigated, and it must commit to working closely with other bodies to tackle problems highlighted in this report, such as the provision of suitable accommodation, which are key to reducing reoffending."

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