Sentencing Guidelines

Information for MA members about the Magistrates' Court Sentencing Guidelines

Sentencing Guidelines – PDF

A downloadable / printable PDF copy of the Magistrates' Court Sentencing Guidelines can be accessed here.

Sentencing Guidelines – App

Magistrates' Court Sentencing Guidelines App logoThis is written and maintained by a third-party company Ambay Software Ltd which does not have any commercial relationship with the Magistrates' Association. The App website is

From the 1 February 2015, the App purchase price is £24.99. To maintain judicial information the App additionally requires an annual subscription at a cost of £24.99. The Annual Subscription is purchased on iPad as an In-App Purchase from within the App; for Android devices contact for helping setting up your annual subscription.


MA Content

You can also download additional content for the App provided by the Magistrates' Association. To get this MA provided content, add your MA number and surname into iPad Settings > Sent Guides.

The Sentencing Guidelines App can be purchased from the following online stores:

For Apple iPad from the iTunes Store here.
For Android tablets from the Google Play store here.
For Amazon Kindle Fire tablet from the Amazon App Store here.
For Microsoft Windows 8/RT tablets from the Windows App Store here.
For the Google Chrome browser (supporting Mac, XP/7, Linux) from the Google Web Store here.

App Training

There are a number of training resources & videos available for magistrates to become more familiar with using the App. These are available for Apple iPad here and Android tablets here. For more information about the App please contact Nick Harrington of Ambay Software Ltd on 01978 227690 or via email to

Annual Subscription

The Sentencing Guidelines App for iPad and Android requires a current Annual Subscription £24.99 to download judicial updates and maintain access to tools. Where a subscription has expired the Drink Drive Dates and Fines calculator are unavailable. Contact for any subscription help.

The SG App Tools include a speeding grid (band/points) and drink drive grid (drive/attempt), overweight vehicles fine calculator and these additional utilities:

Fine Calculator

The Sentencing Guidelines App Fine Calculator provides a bespoke tool for calculating a fine disposal based upon annual, monthly or weekly income, fine band A to E, fine percentage between the minimum and maximum for any given fine band, none or early guilty discounts, court costs and the appropriate victim surcharge.

Once a fine band is selected the fine percentage can changed for offence mitigation or aggravation. For example, a band A speeding fine could be increased to 60% where no separate penalty is given for the second offence of not wearing a seat-belt.

For an adult offender over 18 the Victim Surcharge is calculated as 10% of the fine after EGP discount between a minimum of £20 and maximum of £120. The calculation ceiling or floor rounding, costs buttons and relevant weekly incomes can be customised via iPad Settings > Sent Guides.

Drink drive rehabilitation course discount

The Sentencing Guidelines App Drink Drive Dates calculator allows the selection of the number of months’ disqualification and then calculates the full and discounted disqualification dates where a drink drive rehabilitation course is accepted and completed in time. Tap the current date to change to an earlier start of disqualification for where an interim disqualification has already been given at an earlier court appearance.

The date calculation fully complies with the Magistrates' Court Sentencing Guidelines that set out exactly how the disqualification discount is calculated upon successful completion of a drink drive rehabilitation course. These are set out on page 186 of the MCSG stating:

12 month disqualification must be reduced to 9 months. In other cases, a reduction of one week should be made for every month of the disqualification, so that for example, a disqualification of 24 months will be reduced by 24 weeks.

Any other interpretation of the discount offered does not comply with the Magistrates' Court Sentencing Guidelines which magistrates are required to follow. Various justifications are put forward for retaining ‘local bench practice’ including LIBRA or DVLA not accepting weeks; these are all spurious reasons for not complying with Sentencing Council guidelines.