What we do

As the only independent organisation representing magistrates in England and Wales we fulfil a number of role

We influence key decision-makers by:

    • representing the magistracy at the highest levels of government
    • forming positive public opinion through media engagement
    • supporting our 60 local branches to work locally and regionally to promote the voice of the magistracy
    • providing robust evidence for our policy positions using our own in-house research

We provide our members with information and training by:

    • publishing our magazine, email news bulletin and training materials
    • organising national, regional and local events to help members network and learn from each other
    • populating an online database with the latest information to keep our members up to date

We promote public awareness of the magistracy by:

    • delivering over 4,000 presentations to schools and community organisations every year
    • running mock trials in over 500 schools with the Citizenship Foundation
    • working with the Probation Association to run our local crime awareness project