2021 Council meeting dates

The next Council meeting will take place virtually on 4 November 2021. More details will be available soon. We very much hope that every branch will be represented at these meeting. Council has a vital role to play in informing and supporting the MA's work.

Council expenses

We pay up to £100 in travel costs for one representative of each branch to attend each meeting (which can include station car parking costs and travel to and from the station). Any further costs will have to be met out of branch funds. In order to claim travel costs, attendees will need to produce receipts (or demonstrate mileage for car journeys) and for rail travel we will only refund standard class tickets that have been booked at least two weeks in advance. Please note that we will not refund first class travel and please do book as early as possible, to make this as affordable as possible for the MA! A Council expenses form can be found here or obtained at the meetings.