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Help us recruit

As an organisation run by and for our members, members are at the heart of what we do—they are key to our effectiveness and longevity. Personal recommendations go a long way, so why not help us build our numbers? There’s a reward in it for you!

Member get member scheme

New members bring fresh ideas and energy, which are invaluable to our success. So, we’re asking all our members to help us grow an even larger and more vibrant membership by encouraging non-member magistrates to join us today.

We have a range of materials we can send your way to support your efforts to recruit more members, including brochures, business cards and posters.

Personal recommendations go a long way, and we’d like to thank our members for taking the time to share why they belong to the MA with others. We’re asking all new joiners to tell us who recommended the MA to them so that we can send those members a small token of our appreciation.