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We exist to help the magistracy be its best for all of society

We're the only membership body and independent voice for magistrates. We promote the sound administration of the law, campaign on policy and practice relating to the magistracy, provide support and development guidance to magistrates, and inform the public about the magistracy and the justice system

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Learn about magistrates

Magistrates make many of the legal decisions in England and Wales.

Visit MA learn

We provide tools to develop magistrates’ knowledge and skills. Our member-only learning hub, MA learn, contains more than 150 high-quality resources.

Search our publications library

Browse our advocacy reports, briefing notes, consultation responses and position statements published to support our policy work.
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Get updates on news and influencing

We advocate on behalf of our members and inform others about the vital role of the magistracy.

Get involved

Attend an event, join a diversity and inclusion network, participate in our community outreach initiative, volunteer for us, recruit a new member or leave us a gift.
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Get support

We provide peer support when being a magistrate feels tough.

Upcoming events

  • Online

Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD)

Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) describes the permanent damage to individual's bodies and brains caused by prenatal exposure to alcohol. Magistrates will encounter people in court affected by FASD that affects their ability to access court proceedings. Tania Goddard and Dr David Gilbert from the University of Salford will join us to explain more about FASD, its prevalence and their research into FASD and the justice system.
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Branch executive training day

We are holding a training event for all current branch executives, and those interested in joining a branch executive. This event is designed to give you an overview of how to run your branch and will include sessions on main aims of a branch, how to recruit new members to your executive, how to understand your membership, how to update branch pages and much more.

Our year in numbers

Between July 2022 and June 2023, we've been busy influencing on behalf of and building opportunities for our members to learn, develop and connect.


new learning hub with 120 top-notch resources launched


webinars on topics from domestic abuse to community sentencing held


consultation responses and two advocacy reports published


parliamentary committee appearances completed


meetings with ministers held to influence on behalf of our members


issues of Magistrate magazine published


pieces of digital, print and broadcast media coverage landed


website visitors secured


people reached on LinkedIn


people reached on X (formerly Twitter)


new support line manned by experienced magistrates launched


workshops for new magistrates held


members welcomed at our annual conference and awards ceremony


of our members said they would recommend MA membership to others


of our members said they think MA membership is good value for money

Become a member

As a member, you’ll get access to a wealth of benefits to assist you to be the best magistrate you can be, including:
  • A learning hub with 120 resources
  • Monthly webinars on topical issues
  • A support line run by versed magistrates
  • Engaging newsletters and magazines
  • Events where you can meet colleagues

Latest blogs and news

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