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3 April 2024
Wider justice system

In this blog, we talk about how our retired members can play an active role in promoting the magistracy and engaging their local communities.

An older man is giving a presentation

As you embark on the next chapter of your journey after retiring from the bench, why not take part in our Magistrates in the Community initiative, which helps foster a deeper understanding of the magistracy among the public?

Every year, teams of volunteers in our branches deliver a huge variety of presentations to incredibly diverse audiences. They visit schools, colleges, offices, community groups, and religious and social groups, aiming to demystify the legal system and educate the wider community about the work of their local magistrates’ court.

We’ve had the privilege of engaging with over 145,000 people of all ages in the past four years alone and have left an indelible mark on their minds.

Volunteering with Magistrates in the Community offers a unique opportunity to illuminate and share the crucial work of magistrates. Each engagement presents a myriad of roles and experiences—be it guiding young people through mock trial competitions, engaging students in meaningful discussions about the law, or talking with adults about the magistracy’s significance.

For retired magistrates or those on the supplemental list, Magistrates in the Community is a wonderful platform to:

  • Use the skills honed over years of service in the magistracy.
  • Sustain a commitment to open justice while serving the local community.
  • Feel the rewards of sharing knowledge gleaned from years of sitting as a magistrate.
  • Inspire people, by demonstrating that magistrates are individuals deeply rooted in local communities, dedicated to upholding the rule of law and promoting active citizenship.

Magistrates in the Community is a canvas waiting to be shaped by individuals like you! 

If you’re a Magistrates’ Association member who’s interested in getting involved with our community projects, please email for more information.