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We campaign on policy and practice relating to the magistracy. We directly address the issues that matter most to our 12,000 members to deliver tangible change.

How can I get involved?

All our policy work is developed in consultation with our members to ensure that it reflects their priorities, concerns and on-the-ground experience. We’d love for you to help shape our ongoing and future campaigns. If you’re already a member, you might like to consider:

  • Applying to join one of our five policy committees.
  • Participating in the surveys and research opportunities we circulate via our newsletters.
  • Taking part in our ongoing campaigns.
  • Proposing motions for our annual general meeting.
  • Following us on LinkedIn and X (formerly Twitter) so you can help amplify our wins and calls to action.

Our ongoing campaigns

We’re currently working to influence decision-makers to ensure that:

  • Those who allegedly commit an offence when they are children, but reach 18 before their court appearance, have their cases heard in the youth rather than the adult court.
  • More resources are allocated to help reform courts and processes and, in turn, improve the quality and efficiency of justice⁠—particularly post-Covid-19.
  • High-quality domestic abuse training is provided to family court magistrates and that they see a variety of public and private law work.
  • Court buildings are accessible for all.
  • Magistrates are not out-of-pocket for their volunteering, and that their efforts on behalf of their community are properly recognised.
  • The magistracy is supported through change that affects it, and that the upcoming abolition of local justice areas is well-managed and safeguards local justice.
  • Magistrates are able to take on cases involving more serious offences to help reduce the backlogs in the Crown Court.

How can I support these campaigns?

  • Case studies help bring an invaluable human face and perspective to our campaigns. If you’re interested in sharing your experiences of any of the issues on which we are currently campaigning, please email us.
  • We’re supporting the Ministry of Justice to strengthen the recruitment process for magistrates. If you’re a newly appointed magistrate, please complete our survey on this topic; there’s a link in your inbox or you can email us for further information.