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Magistrate applicants urged to come forward

Ministry of Justice recruitment drive

12 November 2019
Magistrate applicants urged to come forward

The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) is launching a recruitment drive to urge people from all backgrounds to become magistrates.

The move follows a report by the Justice Select Committee, which recommended a series of measures designed to make working as a magistrate more appealing. Efforts to boost the appeal of the magistracy will focus on ensuring that magistrates’ roles are rewarding and meaningful, and developing a new recruitment strategy that aims to streamline the process and encourage greater diversity.

This work will include:

  • Developing a new tool to plan more effectively for long-term recruitment needs, bringing together data and analysis about magistrates in post and expected resignation and retirement rates.
  • Establishing a Magistrates Recruitment and Attraction Steering Group, jointly chaired by an MOJ official and the National Leadership Magistrate, to promote the magistracy and increase recruitment, with a particular focus on increasing diversity.
  • Researching what recruitment activity has been successful and ensuring that good ideas and best practice are shared across the magistracy, including in areas that struggle to attract sufficient candidates.
  • Working with communication and marketing experts to target marketing and recruitment activity more effectively.
  • Working with employers to promote the benefit of employing magistrates.
  • Ensuring potential candidates receive better and clearer information on what the role entails, what the application process involves and the vacancies that are available in a particular area.
  • Consulting on the implications of a change to the retirement age for all judicial office holders, including magistrates.
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