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Adult court committee

The adult court committee develops MA policy relating to all aspects of the work of the adult court.

What does the adult court committee do?

The committee has a broad remit to develop MA policy in the adult court. Recent priorities have included examining the victim surcharge, alternatives to fines, and the use of electronic monitoring.

Committee members also represent the MA at a variety of different stakeholder meetings, including those hosted by the Ministry of Justice, Probation Service, and the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency.

Appointment to the committee

Vacancies on the committee are advertised in the summer each year. Appointment is based on merit and candidates are put forward by the chair of the committee to the MA policy board who have final approval of appointments to committees.

Committee members

  • Chair: Val Castell JP, Bristol and North Avon
  • Deputy Chairs: Jane Smith JP, Central and North London and Roger King JP, North West London
  • Peter Candon JP, Norfolk
  • Sarah Clarke JP, Buckinghamshire
  • Louise Dutton JP, Dorset
  • Richard Eaton JP, Nottinghamshire
  • Alison Edwards JP, Greater Manchester
  • Nick Haynes JP, Gwent
  • Julia Hurrell JP, Gloucestershire
  • Andrew Karno JP, Surrey
  • Roger King JP, Middlesex

More information

If you have any questions about this committee, please contact Samira Ali, Policy and Research Officer.