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Family court committee

The MA’s family court committee assists our staff team in developing and implementing policy relating to the family court and helps to steer associated research.

What does the family court committee do?

The committee meets three times per year to discuss current issues facing family magistrates and propose improvements to the operation of the family court and family magistracy.

The committee drafts and approves publications about the family court including consultation responses, briefings and reports.

Current priorities

The committee wants to improve the operation of the family court by:

Appointment to the committee

Vacancies on the committee are advertised in the summer each year. Appointment is based on merit and candidates are put forward by the chair of the committee to the MA policy board who have final approval of appointments to committees.

Committee members

  • Chair: Tracy Sortwell JP, Cambridgeshire
  • Deputy Chairs: Sara Pye JP, Nottinghamshire and Helen Jones JP, South West London
  • Bob Harper JP, Wolds and South Yorkshire
  • Nicholas Haynes JP, Gwent
  • Harvey Nash JP, West Sussex
  • Bert Provan JP, South and South East London
  • Gill Rice JP, Birmingham
  • Nora Sopworth JP, Lancashire

More information

If you have any queries regarding this committee, please contact Adam Chaddock, Policy and Research Officer.