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Training committee

The training, learning and development committee helps to shape the MA’s policy on training, and steers associated research, development and implementation.

What does the training, learning and development committee do?

The committee helps to develop training resources for magistrates, including core family training and resources on mental disability and domestic abuse.

Committee members have also coproduced workbooks and e-learning with the Judicial College, including:

  • winger workbooks for new magistrates
  • becoming a presiding justice
  • understanding in court reviews
  • youth court skills
  • understanding maturity in the criminal court
  • bite-sized training modules.

Current priorities

The committee is working to:

  • develop e-learning for prospective youth court presiding justices
  • improve the reach of, and materials for, Magistrates in the Community
  • lead on the MA’s input into the judicial training review.

Appointment to the committee

Vacancies on the committee are advertised in the summer each year. Appointment is based on merit and candidates are put forward by the chair of the committee to the MA policy board who have final approval of appointments to committees.

Committee members

  • Chair: Daniel Brennan JP, Nottinghamshire
  • Deputy Chairs: Jacqui MacDonald-Davis, Central and North London and Kate Bayley, North West Wales
  • Malcolm Hogarth JP, Suffolk
  • Stephen Jenkins JP, West Glamorgan
  • Rachel Medcalf JP, Greater Manchester
  • Jacqueline Molyneux JP, County Durham and Darlington
  • Ben Paolozzi JP, West Yorkshire
  • Alaric Pritchard JP, North Northumbria

More information

If you have any queries regarding this committee, please contact Janet Lallysmith, Training, Learning and Development Officer.