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Magistrates with disabilities network

Connecting disabled members to create an inclusive magistracy.

What is the magistrates with disabilities network?

The MA’s magistrates with disabilities network allows our disabled members to connect, share experiences and raise awareness of the importance of diversity in the magistracy.

The network has four main aims:

  • Create an inclusive environment within the MA, where disabled members feel welcomed.
  • Provide opportunities for disabled magistrates to network with their peers across England and Wales.
  • Start conversations to address the issues affecting, and advocate on behalf of the MA’s disabled magistrates.
  • Advise, inform, and work with the MA’s work on disability issues in the justice system.

Join the network

Everyone who indicates that they have a disability on our diversity monitoring form is added to our mailing list for the magistrates with disabilities network. You can unsubscribe at any time. All data is held confidentially.

Who we are

Supported by the MA staff team, the network is organised and run by MA members using an informal, collective model. Our regular drop-in sessions allow members to meet, discuss the issues they have faced and brainstorm ideas to make the magistracy more inclusive.

Our achievements

  • The publication of a landmark report on accessibility in magistrates’ courts across England and Wales.
  • Extensive news coverage of the report and case studies highlighting disabled members’ experiences.
  • Awareness-raising blogs and think pieces in Magistrate and the MA website.

Get in touch

If you have any questions or want to confidentially share your experiences, please email us. We welcome enquiries from members and non-members alike.