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Useful resources

We can’t always answer the questions you may have about magistrates’ courts. If you need more information, please take a look at these organisations that may be able to help.

If you are attending a magistrates’ court

  • Support Through Court: a free to use service which supports people going through court proceedings without legal representation.
  • The Family Court Without a Lawyer: a free guidance website written by family barrister Lucy Reed. Includes videos and written guides to prepare you for attending family court without a lawyer.
  • Victim Support: an independent charity providing free and confidential support for victims of crime, including going to court.
  • Court and tribunal finder: a free government webtool where you can find your nearest court and court contact information.

More about the law, judiciary and courts

For current and prospective magistrates

Retired magistrates

We have compiled a list of external opportunities for retired magistrates. These are mainly voluntary but some attract expenses and occasionally a salary.