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12 April 2023
Diversity, disparity and inclusion

The magistracy must be a welcoming and diverse place, and anyone who does not like that should leave.

The text reads: media statement

Responding to today’s news on the reported racist remarks made by a former magistrate, the Magistrates’ Association said:

“The reported comments are disgusting and there is no place in the magistracy for anyone found to have made such comments. The judiciary has in place a procedure for investigating cases of misconduct and taking action. We understand that the individual in question ceased being a magistrate in July 2022. He is not a member of our organisation.

The magistracy is the most diverse part of the judiciary. Fourteen per cent of magistrates come from ethnic minority backgrounds, which is broadly in line with the population as a whole. However, we know there is more to do. The magistracy must be a welcoming place that reflects our diverse society, and anyone who does not like that should leave.”