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Diversity and inclusion committee

Formed in 2023, this committee drives policy and research on issues of diversity and inclusion.

What does the diversity and inclusion committee do?

The committee brings together representatives from the MA’s four diversity and inclusion networks. It sits alongside and will work with our four existing committees (adult court committee, family court committee, training committee and youth court committee) to place diversity and inclusion at the heart of all MA policy.

All our policy committees are made up of experienced magistrates who guide policy research, development, and implementation in their specialist areas. They work in partnership with the MA staff team to influence on behalf of our members.

Committee members

The committee comprises eight MA members from across England and Wales who were elected by members of our four diversity and inclusion networks. They bring a variety of skills and experiences, from their careers, magisterial role, and personal lives that will meaningfully inform the work of the committee.

  • Chair: Dawn Gibbons JP, South West London
  • Deputy Chair: Nicky Holland JP, Gwent
  • Maz Edwards JP, Avon and Somerset
  • Charlotte Fordyce JP, Northampton
  • Michael Hassell JP, Surrey
  • Haris Ifraz JP, Greater Manchester
  • David Rose JP, Essex
  • Sarah Sawyerr JP, South East London

The committee met for the first time in July 2023. We will be updating this page soon with further details.